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April 9, 2009

We have been using ActiveFax since 4 years to develop a fax processing System. All tests we conducted with our use cases were successful and for that matter our system has been deployed in the production environment. Just today a very serious problem has emerged and I would be very grateful if you could be of help to us.

Here is a very brief description of the Problem:

Active Fax is configured to send for any incoming fax, a confirmation mail to a configured Mail Server (JAMES is used as MAIL Server). It is desired that, when the JAMES is not function, Active Fax will keep the mails till the JAMES is working. It will then send the reserved mails to our mail system (JAMES).

Until now this has functioned extremely well because the amount of mails to reserved has been relatively small (Active fax always marked mails not yet sent as unread). In the production system we have more than 1028 mails marked as unread and this will not be sent to our mail system even though the mail system is working. We have checked all the configuration of Active fax and it appears that everything is ok. What is more, faxes that come after the mail server was started will correctly be sent to our mail server.

Could you please be of help, to tell us what may have gone wrong?

If you do not get an automatic email notification for incoming faxes and the status of the fax does not change to read, I recommend to check the notification settings for the user in the menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Notification. Take care to check this for the correct user. Incoming faxes are owned by the default user configured for the modem in the menu Communication / Modem / Modify. To test if the connection to the mail server is ok, I would recommend to create a new message (i.e. from Wordpad) and enter an email address instead of a fax number.

We have controlled our configuration, compared to other instance of active fax where this problem does not exist. Everything appears to be rightly done, despite this, the problem is still there. Could you please give us further tips how to trace the problem?

Have you already tried to send a normal message by email? If you have already tried this, it would be interesting to see the status of the message in the faxlist. If the status is “Sent” the mail has been
accepted by the mail server. When the mail is not successfully sent in that case, this could be caused by a permission issue on the mail server, so the mail is not forwarded. If the status is “Undelivered” or “Undeliverable”, we should see an error message in the menu Extras / Transmission Protocol.

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Fax forwarding

March 29, 2008

At this moment my incoming fax is being forwarded to an e-mail address. Is it possible to fill the subject field of the e-mail with the customers name or fax number?

If you configured email forwarding with the menu Extras / User Administrator / Modify / Notification, the customers fax number and name (if available) should already be used for the subject. Using the parameter MailNotifySubjectRecv in the options.cfg file on the fax server it would also be possible to configure an individual subject text for faxes forwarded by email.

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