ActiveFax restore after server crash

December 1, 2007

my server crashed and i need to restore faxes back into activefax from a backup. I reinstalled and setup the program but can find no documentation on how to get the new install to correctly see the old saved data.

It is important that you copy all files (the complete ActiveFax installation directory with all subdirectories) to the new server in that case. If you still can’t find the faxes then, it would be possible to rebuild the index for missing faxes when you start the fax server with the option -Restore. To do so, stop the fax server and then run ‘Program Files\ActiveFax\Server\ActiveFax.exe -Restore’ (your path can be different).

Choose ‘Restore Faxlist from File’ (to restore a single fax) or ‘Restore Faxlist from Directory’ (to restore a complete day) from the File menu then and select all faxes you need to restore.

If you are using an ActiveFax version older than 3.88, you also need to update to the latest release to use the -Restore option.

Important: Please download the newest version from

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