pdf not working

August 22, 2008

Attached please find a PDF that is not faxing properly.  It is faxing the raw PDF code. Any assistance in determining the cause would be greatly appreciated.

This PDF file uses PDF-1.4 format that is not supported by your Ghostscript version. I recommend to use PDF-1.2 or PDF-1.3 documents instead and make sure that the latest Ghostscript version is installed. Take care to also once stop and restart the fax server when you update Ghostscript.

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Process Postscript and PDF files with ActiveFax

December 1, 2007

To directly process Postscript and PDF files with ActiveFax for outgoing faxes (i.e. through automatic import from the file system or as a print job through LPD/LPR), the add-on software Ghostscript needs to be installed on the fax server. Ghostscript can be downloaded at the following link (file gs###w32.exe, ### = version number) from the Internet:


Please note that the fax server needs to be once stopped and restarted after Ghostscript has been installed.

Cornelia Wegmueller, ACTIVEFAX Customer Support
INTERTRADE ENTERPRISES LTD :: Blegistr.25 :: CH-6340 Baar/Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 5866974
Fax: +41 44 2742350