No carrier error

September 10, 2008

We get a no carrier error for all outgoing faxes.

You normally get the NO CARRIER error when the call is not answered by a fax machine, so this could be a problem with the number dialed by the modem. You can check which number the modem dialed with the menu Extras / Transmission Protocol when you scroll to the right to the column Dialed Number there. This field shows the fax number exactly as dialed by the modem. If you need to dial a special access code to get an outside line, take care that this access code is also dialed.

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ActiveFax transmission errors

December 1, 2007

What do the transmission error messages mean( specificaly code #25,26,27,51,54), and how do i correct them. I do realize that there is a possibility that the fax numbers may be incorrect, even though I have tried my best to ensure that this isn’t the case.

These error codes are normally reported by the modem when an expected signal is not received. For example when an EOP (end of page) signal is expected, but not received, the modem normally return error code 51, 52 or 54. These errors could be caused by line noise or an internal problem of the modems signal processor. If you do not get that error too often and it works in the next attempt, you do not need to worry about that. I would also recommend using the modem settings as follows:

Recommended settings for analog modems with transmission problems

* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify
o Modem Type: Generic Class 1 Modem
o Modem Class: 1
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Port Settings
o Baud Rate (bps): 57.600
o Data Bits: 8
o Parity: None
o Stop Bits: 1
o Flow Control: Hardware
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Extended
o MR-Compression (Modified Read): enabled
o Error Correction Mode (ECM): enabled
o Transfer Rates faster than 9.600 bps: enabled

If you get that error more often or when it does not work with the next attempts, I would recommend to make sure that the phone line is ok or trying with a different modem.

Cornelia Wegmueller, ACTIVEFAX Customer Support
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