ActiveFax Cover Pages

December 1, 2007

Hi there, i’m testing your software and it seem’s to be stable so far! One quick question, how can you modify a cover page in the activefax client, or can i setup the server soft on another computer and use it to log into the 1st server and then modify the cover pages?

To create a new cover page or overlay, follow these steps:

Start the Cover Page Designer with the menu Extras / Cover Page Designer or use the corresponding button in the toolbar. Select one of the design tools (i.e. text, graphics, data field, ?) and design the cover page or overlay. Save the cover page and close the Cover Page Designer with the menu File / Close Cover Page Designer. Please note that the menu Extras / Page Format can be used to configure the pages on which an overlay should be visible. That way it would for example be possible to specify that an overlay should only be displayed on the first page or on the last page of a fax message.

Using Cover Pages / Overlays:

Cover pages and overlays can be added to fax messages in various ways. One method is to choose the cover page or overlay in the fax dialog win-dow of the ActiveFax printer. With the menu Extras / Predefined Settings or Extras / User
Administrator / Modify / Predefined Settings it would be possible to configure default cover pages and overlays that are automati-cally added for new fax messages. Another way to add cover pages and overlays to fax messages is using
data fields. More information about cover pages, overlays and data fields can be found in the online help of the fax server and subsequent chapters of the user manual.

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