ActiveFax Printing problems / incomplete pages

September 25, 2008

I have Active Fax installed at one of my clients’ sites. We have Active Fax set as a print-to-fax report destination within our own interfaced software.

When a user prints a report (any report) to the “Fax” destination, Active Fax receives the document beautifully. I can go into the Active Fax Client and view the document, and it is exactly as it
should be. However, the document that is printed out on the appropriate fax machine is either blank, or contains only the first centimeter or so of the top of the document. Active Fax views this
as a failed fax, and retries (usually up to 7 additional times).

I have tried setting the timeout settings under Communication / Active Fax Server to 999, but this does not help. Would you please help me? Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.

This sounds like a problem with the printer driver (especially when using a HP Laserjet printer), so I would recommend to update to the latest driver for that printer. Printing with a lower resolution could also help in that case.

Does this apply when printing to a fax as well? Our client does not print their faxes to a printer, rather they come directly through the fax machine.

I first thought you have that problem when printing such documents to a local printer. If you have the problem when the fax is received by the remote fax machine, this rather sounds like a problem with the phone line or the modems signal processor. I would recommend using the modem settings as follows:

Recommended settings for analog modems with transmission problems

* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify
o Modem Type: Generic Class 1 Modem
o Modem Class: 1
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Port Settings
o Baud Rate (bps): 57.600
o Data Bits: 8
o Parity: None
o Stop Bits: 1
o Flow Control: Hardware
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Extended
o MR-Compression (Modified Read): enabled
o Error Correction Mode (ECM): enabled
o Transfer Rates faster than 9.600 bps: enabled

When using these settings, error correction mode is used, which helps to detect such corrupted fax transmissions (i.e. caused by line noise).

If you get that error more often or when it does not work with the next attempts, I would recommend to make sure that the phone line is ok or trying with a different modem/board.

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Sending a scanned document

December 1, 2007

I have problem with sending a scanned document. When I send a document from scan or picture (*.jpg or *.tif format ), I preview fax and see much black and grey points and lines. It looks like sending with real bad fax equipment. But when I sendthe fax from an application (word or any), the fax looks good without problems.

I would recommend to scan such documents always in monochrome (black/white) format, since fax quality is much better compared to color images that need be be converted by the printer driver.

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