ActiveFax customizing settings

December 1, 2007

Most settings and parameters of the fax server are already initialized by the setup program with default values. These default values reflect the most common settings that normally do not need to be changed. However if you need to change some settings of the fax server, this can be done with the relating menu options directly on the fax server. The table below shows a listing of common settings:

Modem Configuration Communication  Modem
Email Configuration Communication  E-Mail
Default Sender Extras  Predefined Settings
Fax Resolution Extras  Options  Modem
Archive Settings Extras  Options  Archive
Automatic Printing Extras  Options  Printing
Fax Title Extras  Options  Fax Title
Next Fax ID Number Extras  Options  General
Automatic Startup File  Automatic Startup

Please note that the above table is only a short summary of the most common configuration settings of ActiveFax. A detailed description of all settings can be found in the related chapters of the pdf manual or in the online help of ActiveFax.

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