IP telephony

I’m sending you a copy of fax received over ActiveFax server. We have spent several day testing phone lines and all of equipment. We use IP telephony and suddenly faxes started to coming like this. Only on receive, sending is ok! We tried several modems, all kind of activefax settings nothing works. Please any help would be appreciated. Our ISP and telephony provider has checked everything and from their side everything is ok.

When using IP based phone lines, this looks like a problem with the bandwidth or response time of the line. What you should make sure is that the baud rate in the menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Port
Settings is configured at least to 57,600 bps. Limiting the speed in the menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Extended to 9,600 bps could also help in that case.

Yvonne Thommen, Customer Service
ActiveFax Communication Group
a division of Horizon Solutions Inc

Horizon Solutions Inc
Toronto, Canada


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