Citrix Server

I have a question concerning ActiveFax 4.16. We have several activefax-servers running and on our clients, we can only connect to 1 server at the same time. What’s the problem ; we are going to implement a citrix server, which will be used for several companies. We are using the printerdriver to send faxes out of our ERP-software, but depending on the company, it has to be a different server. At this moment, the pc has only 1 connection to a ActiveFax-server. When we will be working with citrix, there will be users of different companies accessing this server. So we would like them to choose which fax-server they really want to use. (locally installed on the citrix-server). A good solution would be : have different printerdrivers for activefax, so we can give them a different name (eg ActiveFaxCompany1 / ActiveFaxCompany2 / …)
This has to be installed on the citrix-server.

Yes, I would also recommend to create a separate ActiveFax printer for each company in that case. You can set the IP address for the fax server used for each printer through the Comment or Location field of the printer properties with the parameter -Server:ip-address. I have also attached a screen shot for that.

Yvonne Thommen, Customer Service
ActiveFax Communication Group
a division of Horizon Solutions Inc

Horizon Solutions Inc
Toronto, Canada


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