Analog Modem

We are having trouble with our ActiveFax. It worked perfectly on ISDN but the problems occurred in receiving(incomplete faxes, line of text over the other line and so on….). So we changed the modem to 56k no ISDN. Same troubles. We even put the new cables for that line, but same trouble. Any idea why????? Now is set to send over ISDN and receive over analog 56k, no error in receive but faxes are almost unreadable, line over line, missing half, third page…….. I don’t know what else to do. I tried even changing every option of modem settings from baud rate to….. Tried second modem same thing. Now I suspect that is the application but someone else must had this troubles? Thank you for your help.

For the analog modem, I recommend to use the modem settings as follows:

* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify
o Modem Type: Generic Class 1 Modem
o Modem Class: 1
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Port Settings
o Baud Rate (bps): 57.600
o Data Bits: 8
o Parity: None
o Stop Bits: 1
o Flow Control: Hardware
* Menu Communication / Modem / Modify / Extended
o MR-Compression (Modified Read): enabled
o Error Correction Mode (ECM): enabled
o Transfer Rates faster than 9.600 bps: enabled

I also recommend to make sure that the option for error correction mode is enabled for the analog and the ISDN modem. What you should also make sure is that your phone lines are ok. Such problems often occur when using IP based lines, because of the low bandwidth and response times of such lines. For testing you can also try to dial the number of the modem with a normal phone to check if you hear a clear fax signal.

Yvonne Thommen, Customer Service
ActiveFax Communication Group
a division of Horizon Solutions Inc

Horizon Solutions Inc
Toronto, Canada


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