ActiveFax Archives stopped

I need to check our ActiveFax archives. Need to find out if  someone deleted the files. The default is still set to 14 days and it worked fine for several months.

If you know the date and time of the fax, you should be able to find the fax image file in the directory Program Files\ActiveFax\Server\Faxlist\yyyymmdd if the images have not been deleted. When starting the fax server with the option -Restore it would be possible to recreate the faxlist entries. To do so, stop the fax server and run ‘Program Files\ActiveFax\Server\ActFax.exe -Restore’ (your path can be different). Choose ‘Restore Faxlist from File’ or ‘Restore Faxlist from Directory’ from the File menu and select the fax or day you need to restore.

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ActiveFax Communication Group
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Phone: +41 44 5866974  ::  Fax: +41 44 2742350

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